Pineapples are a fruit used to top pizza, snack on by themselves or eat in desserts. Even though many people find the taste of pineapples to be fresh and delicious, too much of it can sting the mouth. The reason is that pineapples contain the enzyme bromelain, which functions as a natural meat tenderizer that helps to break down protein. That leads to burning and stinging in the mouth. There are a few ways to not burn your mouth with pineapple.

Eat only fully ripe pineapples. Most of the issue with burning mouths is due to the pineapple not being ripe. Always rinse the ripe pineapple before eating it.

Cut out the core of the pineapple, which is the part of the fruit that makes it burn your mouth. Use a large knife to first cut the pineapple in half. Then remove the core.

Sprinkle lime juice onto the pineapple. Use just a teaspoon and sprinkle all over the pineapple. If you are eating small amounts, just add two or three drops of the lime juice. The acidic nature of the pineapple is what makes it burn the mouth. The lime juice adds some sweetness and reduces acidity without altering the flavor in a dramatic way.


If you do not have access to lime juice, sprinkle salt on the pineapple instead.

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