How to Neutralize Chlorine in Bathing Suits

By Hallie Engel

Chlorine keeps pool water hygienic, but also damages and discolors swimsuits over time. Keep swimwear in great shape by washing it with detergent and a few tablespoons of vinegar to neutralize chlorine and eliminate odor. Next time you're at the pool, follow the advice of "Health" and place your suit in a plastic bag filled with tap water and a little vinegar after swimming. Let it sit while you shower, then rinse and let it air-dry.

Woman swimming
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Woman wearing a bathing suit while swimming under water.

Professional Products

If you love to visit the pool, consider purchasing a cleanser just for swimwear. Specially formulated swimsuit detergents neutralize chlorine, fight odors and deter color from fading. Some products also prevent saltwater damage and remove sunscreen. To use a swimsuit detergent, follow the directions on the bottle.