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The dermis is the inner layer of the skin. It is covered by an outer layer that is called the epidermis. It contains sweat glands as well as hair follicles and regulates the production of sebum. The dermis often begins thinning with age, and elastin and collagen becomes depleted. To thicken the dermis, many women turn to anti-aging treatments such as retinoids. However, if you would prefer to use natural skin products to thicken dermis, there are a few options to do so.

Use a skin cream that contains L-carnosine. If you are unable to find one, purchase L-carnosine powder from a health food store and mix it into your favorite face lotion. In addition to applying it topically, you can take a L-carnosine supplement as well. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the proper dosage.

Apply a skin cream that contains Coenzyme Q10 every night before bed. It naturally thickens the dermis and boosts skin repair. As people age, levels of Coenzyme Q10 are low, which results in less collagen production, which thins the skin.

Apply a vitamin C serum to the skin regularly. It is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against free radicals, which thins the dermis. It builds collagen which is a connective tissue. Vitamin C serums are best worn during the day, under makeup.


Wear sunscreen every day to protect your skin.

Do not take any supplements without first consulting a health care professional.

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