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African-American skin tends to be more oily than other skin types. That doesn't make it immune to the dry and flaky skin, especially during winter. When African-American skin does get dry, it can result in an ashy skin tone. That is due to dead skin cells that sit on the surface of the skin. Simply covering it with makeup can make it look worse. Naturally get rid of an ashy face by adding and retaining moisture.

Drink eight glasses of water per day. This hydrates your skin from the inside out.

Use a humidifier at night while you sleep. If your skin is exceptionally ashy, run it during the day as well.

Mix together 2 parts sugar and 1 part lemon juice in a bowl. Get your hands and skin wet. Scoop out the facial scrub and apply it to your face in small, slow circles for 60 seconds. Rinse it off thoroughly. Use this scrub two to three times per week.

Dip your fingers into a container of coconut oil and remove a nickel-sized amount. Rub your fingers together and smooth onto your face in long smooth strokes, avoiding your eyes. Do this before bed every evening.


Substitute olive oil for lemon juice if you have sensitive skin.