Caipirinha, Brazil's National Drink.

A muddler is a long, pestle-shaped tool used to crush fruit and herbs. Use it to crush, or muddle, fruit with herbs to make the base for a refreshing cocktail. A mojito, for example, requires limes muddled with mint leaves. Use a long, metal muddler and a thick-walled glass or short metal shaker to avoid chipped glass or wood shards in your drink. Look for a muddler at a bartender supply store or a specialty kitchenware store.

Roll the lime on a cutting board, applying even pressure to break the juice sacs inside.

Slice the bottom of the lime off.

Stand the lime upright on the cut edge and cut it into six to eight equal wedges.

Place half of the lime wedges into the bottom of the glass and top with the whole mint leaves.

Set the glass on a flat surface and hold it in place with your non-dominant hand.

Press down on the fruit with the wide end of the muddler. Twist the muddler to crush the lime and mint together. Apply only the weight of your arm to the muddler; do not lean into the muddler or add more pressure.

Continue to push down and turn the muddler until the lime wedges have given up all of their juice. Use the muddled lime in your cocktail recipe.