How to Mix Whey Protein

By Isabell Hue

Protein intake is necessary for life. Protein can naturally be found in foods such as beef, fish and milk, but you may not always get the needed amount of protein from food and drink. Whey protein is a nutritious powder protein supplement made from cow's milk. Whey protein can be mixed with liquid to create a nutritious, protein packed drink. Mixing whey protein with liquid properly will help you avoid clumps and create a smooth drink.

Whey protein can be mixed with liquid to make a drink.

Step 1

Add one scoop of whey protein powder to a round bottom glass. It is easier to mix whey protein with liquid a little at a time. Even though your whey protein dose may be higher than one scoop, it is important to only add it one scoop at a time.

It is also easier to mix whey protein in a clear glass. That way you can see if there is any powder residue stuck to the sides or bottom of the cup that still need to be mixed in. Whey protein powder tends to get stuck in glasses with sharp edges, so it it recommended that you use a round bottomed glass.

Step 2

Add a small amount of liquid of your choice to the glass. Do not add too much liquid. This will cause the powder to clump, making it hard to drink.

Step 3

Use a spoon to mix the protein powder and liquid. It should form a thick paste. Be sure to mix in all the powder that may be stuck to the sides and bottom of the glass.

Step 4

Add another scoop of powder and a little more liquid to the glass and repeat Step 3. Keep doing this until you have mixed in your entire dose of powder.

Step 5

Fill up the rest of the glass with liquid and mix again. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes to ensure that even the tiniest clumps have dissolved, resulting in a smooth mixture.