How to Mix Wella Permanent Hair Color

By Brandi Palkoner

Wella hair color products are widely used by professionals in salons across the country. Wella products, such as Wella Color Charm Permanent Color, may be available for purchase at local beauty-supply stores for use at home. Unlike other hair color products you might find at a local drug store, Color Charm does not come in pre-measured containers. The final mixture is composed of one part permanent color and two parts developer depending on the length and thickness of hair. It is easy to achieve a professional-looking color at home when you mix Wella permanent hair color correctly.


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Step 1

Determine how much mixture is required to saturate hair thoroughly.

Step 2

Divide the amount of finished mixture by three. This is the amount of permanent color you will use.

Step 3

Multiply the amount of permanent hair color by two to determine the amount of developer needed to achieve the recommended 1:2 mixture.

Step 4

Use the Color Charm Shade Level and Developer chart to find the appropriate developer strength. Developer is sold in 20 and 30 percent volumes.

Step 5

Divide the amount of developer required by two if the chart calls for 10 percent volume. Mix this amount of 20 percent developer with an equal amount of water in a separate bowl to create 10 percent volume.

Step 6

Add permanent color and developer to the applicator bottle and shake well. Color and developer can also be mixed together in a bowl if you will be applying color with a brush.