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While it may not be pleasant to administer an enema, they can be a medical necessity. Enemas clean out your system and produce a bowl movement if you're constipated. While you can purchase enemas over the counter, if you have to do them often, it can become quite expensive. Learning to make your own mineral oil enemas at home is easy and can save you money.

Pour 2 cups mineral oil into your mixing bowl.

Add 6 cups filtered water to your mixing bowl. You can use tap water, if you have a filter on your faucet. Bottled water is filtered.

Using the microwave, heat the mixture on high for intervals of 5 to 10 seconds. Use your thermometer to test the water's temperature. You want the temperature to be between 102 and 103 degrees.

Pour the mineral oil mixture into your enema bag.

Insert the rectal tube into the enema bag (the bag will come with the rectal tube). The mineral oil enema is now ready to use.