How to Mix Colors for Fondant

By Amie Taylor

Using fondant on cakes allows chefs to create a flawless covering for their creations. The majority of fondant is white and offers a perfect base for decorators to add their own colors to in order to achieve the desired effect. Mixing colors takes practice to achieve perfection, but it can be done. Once you have an idea of how to create the shades you want, you'll be able to tailor each cake to your exact specifications.

Many cake decorators create their own colored fondant.

Mixing Colors

Step 1

Consult a decorator's color wheel to learn how to mix colors. Study the color wheel to understand how to mix primary colors -- red, yellow and blue -- to achieve any color of your choice. For example, yellow and red make orange, blue and red make purple and yellow and blue make green.

Step 2

Use a toothpick to extract the color from its container and place it in a small plastic cup -- a clean medicine cup is perfect for mixing concentrated icing color. Use a clean toothpick for each new color and mix the colors thoroughly with a third clean toothpick.

Step 3

Add white icing color to lighten a shade that is too intense. Turn purple into lavender, navy blue into sky blue and red into pink by adding a touch of white, a little at a time. Adding enough white to any color will create a pastel shade of that color.

Step 4

Create black coloring by mixing equal parts of red, yellow and blue. If you find it hard to achieve a true black color, add more red.

Step 5

Add a touch of black to darken a primary color. Add more of the darker primary color to deepen a secondary color.

Step 6

Add a touch of yellow or red to a color to create a warmer shade. Add a touch of blue or white to a color to create a cooler shade.

Adding Color to Fondant

Step 7

Work white fondant with your hands repeatedly to warm and soften it, so it will absorb color more easily.

Step 8

Roll the fondant into a circle and flatten it slightly with your hand. Place a blob of concentrated icing color in the center of the fondant.

Step 9

Fold the fondant over so the food coloring is on the inside, and squeeze and knead the fondant to spread the coloring evenly throughout. Ensure that there are no white streaks or dark splotches of color on the fondant when you're done.

Step 10

Add more coloring and repeat the process above to deepen the color of your fondant, if needed.

Step 11

Store any remaining fondant by rolling it into a ball, wrapping it tightly with plastic wrap and placing it in an airtight container.