How to Measure the Size of a Purse

By LeafTV Editor

Purses are commonly used by women to store belongings such as a wallet and makeup. Occasionally, it is important for women to measure a purse; to see how many of their belongings will fit inside of it, or to determine how the size of a new purse compares to the size of an old one. When measuring a purse, you need to measure the inside, not the outside; the outside of a purse will be larger than the space to actually fit belongings. A purse is only as big as the amount of storage size it has.

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How To Measure The Size Of A Purse


Place a tape measure into the bag vertically. Jot down the number in inches. This is the height.

Place the tape measure inside of the back so that it runs along the width of the bag. Write down this measurement. This is the width.

Measure the depth of the purse by measuring the interior walls that you did not measure in Step 2.

Multiply these dimensions to learn the total area of the inside of the purse.