How to Measure Hips

By Stacie Connerty

It is important to make certain that you have the right hip measurements especially if you are ordering clothes online. Taking your own body measurements is not always easy to do. Follow these steps exactly to make certain that you get the correct measurements and have the proper fit of clothes every time.

How to Measure Hips

Step 1

Find a proper tape measure. Measuring with a tape measure used for home improvement projects will not always give you a proper measurement. Your best bet it to look at craft stores or fabric stores for a loose tape measure. This is the kind that is not made of any metal, typically fabric or thin plastic.

Step 2

Next, make certain that your clothes are tight fitting or that there is not a lot of loose material around the hip area.

Step 3

Then, take the loose tape measure and wrap it around your hip area. The tape measure should be secured at the fullest part of the hip area; this is almost always over the buttocks.

Step 4

Next, use the small handheld mirror to look into the larger mirror. Make certain that the tape measure is straight and parallel to the ground. The tape measure should also be snug as well but not cutting into your body.

Step 5

Finally, write the number down on the tape measure and you now have the measurement of your hips.