How to Measure for Pants Size

By Laura Leiva

Just as finding any properly fitting garment is important, wearing pants with the proper measurement will ensure a put-together and stylish look. Pants that don't fit right bunch at the waist and crotch, cause skin to overflow over the waistband and never look right with shoes. Measuring yourself to determine the most accurate pant size will ensure that you look put together anytime. Knowing your measurements will also help out your tailor when making any adjustments to the hemline. Men and women measure at the same points, and the measurement numbers will determine the size and fit of your pants.

A measuring tape is the only tool you need for determining pant size.

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Step 1

Strip down to your underwear, and place the measuring tape around the waist. The tape should be slightly above the hipbone, where you would naturally place the waistband of your pants. Place one finger between the measuring tape and your waist to accommodate slight movement when wearing your new pants. Pants that are too tight or baggy around the waistband will sag or cut off circulation.

Step 2

Measure your hips. Place the measuring tape around the widest part of the hips, which is often near the hipbone. Be sure to keep feet together when taking measurements to be sure all numbers are accurate.

Step 3

Determine the rise for your pant size. This will ensure that pants are comfortable, but snug to keep from looking droopy. Place one end of the measuring tape at the waist, in the center of the back. Pull the tape up between the legs and place the tape at the front of your waist. That will be the rise measurement.

Step 4

Measure your inseam by placing a measuring tape on the inner thigh, near the crotch area and running the tape down the leg to the ankle. This is one way you can determine your inseam measurement. Another way is to measure your favorite pair of pants. If you have hemmed a pair of pants to go with a certain shoe, you can measure from the crotch of the pants down to the hem to determine the length for your next pair of pants.