By Amber Webb

Cake baking calls for precision. When a cake recipe calls for a specific pan size, the heat and baking time have been calculated to make a cake that is perfectly moist and fully cooked. Measure your pan before sending your cake into the oven to ensure you have a perfect cake when it is finished. Measuring your cake pan is a quick and easy step that will help you avoid frustration and produce delicious results.

Use the right cake pan to bake a perfect cake.

Step 1

Hold the cake pan upside down and look closely in the center to see if there are measurements engraved on it. If there are, you can put away your ruler and be sure you have the exact measurements for the pan. If you don't find measurements, finding them yourself is simple.

Step 2

Hold a ruler straight up with the end flat on the bottom of the pan to measure the height. If the sides of your cake pan are sloped or curved, which is often the case with glass pans, do not hold the ruler against the edge. Instead, hold it close to the edge and rest your finger on top of the side to point to the correct height on the ruler.

Step 3

Measure the width of the cake pan from one inside edge to the other inside edge. Measure the length of the cake pan from one inside edge to the other inside edge. For a round cake pan, measure from one edge to the other to determine the width. Be careful to hold the ruler across the widest width of the cake pan when you measure.

Step 4

Fill your cake pan with water one carefully measured cup at a time to determine the volume of your cake pan.