How to Match Wine With Salami

By Nathan Joseph

Salami goes best with dry wines because it is a cured meat meaning that it is salty in flavor. A sweet wine would clash with salami's salty taste. Salami is unique in that it goes exceptionally well with apple based wines -- or ciders as they are more commonly know. Ultimately though, every is different and you need to try different combinations of dry wines and salamis to determine the best match.

Salami goes well with a dry cider.

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Step 1

Cut a slice off of each salami stick half of an inch thick. Dice the slices into small bite sized cubes. Place the cubes into piles on the platter. Separate the piles based on the type salami it contains. Make a note of which type of salami is where.

Step 2

Pour 3 oz. of each type of wine into its own glass.

Step 3

Pick one type of salami to start with and eat a piece. Follow the salami with a sip of one of the wines. Note any aftertastes and any clashing or similar tones of flavors. Write down your overall impression of the match. Wait three minutes between tastings. Continue with the next wine for that type of salami. Repeat for the three remaining wines.

Step 4

Repeat for the remaining four types of salami and ensure you have tried all 25 combinations. Review your impressions and determine which match you liked best. Keep the information for future use.