How to Match Wine With a Roast Pork

By Tucker Cummings

Roast pork and wine are a winning combination. "The other white meat" -- as pork is sometimes called -- pairs equally well with both red wines and white wines. Different factors go into selecting the perfect wine pairing for a roast pork meal. If you have plans for a roast pork dinner, picking the complementary wine will involve careful consideration of the setting, ingredients and occasion for this particular dining event.

Pork pairs well with a number of wines.

Step 1

Check the weather. There's no hard and fast rule for when to serve wine on a seasonal basis, but many people prefer a white wine in the summer and a red in the winter. This has a lot to do with the cooler recommended serving temperature of white wine, making it more refreshing when dining al fresco. If you are eating outside, you may want to select a white over a red for just this reason.

Step 2

Contemplate the occasion. If you are serving pork for a birthday, anniversary or holiday, nothing says celebration quite like a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne. Sometimes pairing wine for the occasion is even more important than pairing with the food, and festive occasions always call for something bubbly.

Step 3

Pair by region. Serve recipes or ingredients from a certain geographic area with wine that is also from that area.

Step 4

Consider the flavor profile of the dish. For roast pork with a mustard-based glaze, try a gewürztraminer or a côtes du rhône. A sweeter, Chinese-style roast pork pairs well with champagne, pinot grigio or white zinfandel.

Step 5

Go with pinot noir. The pairing of pork and pinot grapes is so beloved that there is even an annual cooking event -- "Pigs and Pinot" -- dedicated to the pairing of these two items. The brainchild of noted chef Charlie Palmer, the event will be familiar to fans of "Top Chef," as it was featured in a Season 6 episode. With such a noted culinary event dedicated to this pairing, pinot noir and roast pork is always a safe bet.