Woman in a swimsuit
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After you get your new swimsuit home, you may find that it needs a few tweaks here and there to fit perfectly. With a few sewing skills, you can make your swimsuit fit perfectly at the bustline, the hipbone and at the back. The minor adjustments will make the swimsuit look better, and you'll feel better while wearing it.

If you have a little extra room at the bustline, add silicone bra inserts to fill out your top. Make a small slice in the lining of the suit, insert the "chicken cutlets" and reattach the lining.

If the legs of the swimsuit end at an awkward spot, hem them so that they reach to slightly above your hip bone. This will make your legs look longer and slimmer. Fold a piece of material under to the height you want and sew in a hem.

For a more secure closure on your bikini top, add a hook and eye to the ends of the ties. On one side, fold an end to create a hook and sew. On the other side, insert the end of the tie through a hook, fold the end over and sew together.