How to Make Your Own Tuscan Seasoning

By Anne Kinsey

Bring the flavors of Italy to your kitchen by creating your very own Tuscan seasoning mix. This seasoning mix can be used to season poultry, beef or fish. It can also be mixed in with focaccia breads or incorporated into olive oil for a delicious dipping sauce. Its versatility will make cooking special dinners a breeze.


Purchase fresh spices to ensure all your herbs and spices have the best flavor possible. Using fresh spices and dried herbs also means that your seasoning will have a longer shelf life. Tuscan seasoning can keep for up to 6 months when fresh herbs and spices are used.

Combine all herbs and spices in a bowl and mix well. Transfer to your glass jar when thoroughly combined.

Drill holes in the lid of your jar so that the Tuscan seasoning can be easily sprinkled into dishes as needed.

Cut a small piece of plastic wrap that is slightly bigger than the mouth of your jar. Screw on the lid so that it is over the plastic wrap, as it will keep the plastic in place. The plastic will keep your herbs fresh when you are not using them. To use your Tuscan seasoning, simply remove the plastic wrap and shake the seasoning into the dish you are preparing, being sure to replace the plastic wrap when you are done.