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Tinted eyebrow gel is intended to enhance the color of the brows and make them look fuller and thicker. This gel also frames the eyes, making them appear larger and more defined. You can use eyebrow gel as a brow-shaping alternative to waxing or tweezing. Like many cosmetics, tinted eyebrow gel can be costly; however, it is simple and relatively inexpensive to make at home.

Apply a small amount of clear mascara or aloe vera to the back of your hand. Use clear mascara if your tinted eyebrow gel will also be serving as a shaping alternative to tweezing or waxing.

Add a tiny amount of crumbled, matte eye shadow to to the mascara or aloe vera. Use a shade of eye shadow that complements the color of your eyebrows.

Mix the eye shadow and mascara or aloe vera together using a mascara wand or brow brush. Add more eye shadow and continue mixing until you achieve the desired shade.

Apply the homemade tinted eyebrow gel to your eyebrows using a special eyebrow brush, which is typically available in the cosmetic section of any drug or department store.