Spaghetti strap dresses are light and feminine, making them an essential part of any summer wardrobe. Department stores sometimes charge ridiculous prices for this type of dress, especially during the spring and summer seasons. However, spaghetti strap dresses can be made quickly and easily at home with a few yards of fabric and some simple sewing supplies. Make these dresses for yourself, your friends, your children or other family members.

Things You'll Need

Measure yourself or the person you are making the dress for. Calculate the length from the top of the bust to the top of the knee. Measure from the top of the bust, over the shoulder and to the back to calculate strap measurements. Measure the waistline, hips and bust. Add an inch on all sides for seam allowance. Write down these measurements and calculate how many yards you will need (one yard of fabric is three feet).

Purchase a quality fabric that isn’t transparent, doesn’t fray easily and will wash, such as thick cottons or polyester blends. Pre-wash the fabric so that it will shrink, if needed. Fold the fabric in half and cut a square piece according to your measurements. Cut along the folded edge to make two equally sized pieces.

Fold the top and bottom edges twice to make a smooth edge. Iron down the edges so they will keep shape when being sewn. Sew along the edges with a straight stitch. Place the fabric on a flat surface, front to front, and sew the sides together using a zigzag stitch to secure the edges. Flip the dress inside out.

Measure and cut your ribbon or cording to the length of the shoulder measurements, adding an extra inch on each end for seam allowance. Use a thicker stitch to secure the ribbon to the inside of the front of the dress and the inside of the back of the dress. Repeat the process on the other shoulder.

Iron the dress again to remove wrinkles that may have formed during sewing.


  • Add a belt for more of a gathered look.

  • To cinch the waistline, sew a slight curve into the sides of the fabric at the waistline.

  • Add cording or ribbon around the top seam to match your straps for a more uniform look.

  • For a sweetheart neckline, gather the middle of the front by pinching the fabric between your fingers. Use a needle and thread to sew the bunches together.

  • Add ruffles or ribbon to the bottom and top seams for a more summery look.

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