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When taking a photograph just is not going to cut it, you can create a paper face chart to document your makeup application. This technique is used by makeup artists to document a client’s makeup application, so the client can refer to it when she is applying the cosmetics herself. If you are the artistic type, consider drawing the face yourself, or upload a generic face to your computer. Once you have your blank slate, copy your flawless makeup application onto the paper and file it for a future date.

Draw the outline of a face on a sheet of blank paper. You will want to include the eyes, nose, mouth and ears for a realistic appearance. When drawing, use a black permanent marker; this will copy easily. Avoid using a pen or pencil. If you are not artistic, do not worry. You can easily download blank face images online.

Print out a copy of a digitally created face, if you find one online or created it on your own. If you created the face yourself by drawing, then you will want to make a copy of the drawing before applying the makeup. This is to prevent smudging of your original drawing, and to allow you to have additional copies for future makeup styles.

Illustrate powder-based products on the face chart with a cotton swab or fingers. Once you decide on the eye shadow shades, lightly rub your cotton swab or fingertip into the color and rub over the eyelid of the chart. Use a clean swab or finger to blend the colors together so they resemble your eyelids. Repeat the process with the other eye. Apply the blusher in the same manner along the cheekbones of the face chart. Jot down the name and colors of the eye shadows for future reference.

Show lipstick, gloss, lip liner and eyeliner with colored pencils. Use the rainbow of colors available to color in the lips or line the lips and eyes. Avoid using the actual makeup applicators because the lipstick, gloss or liner will seep through the paper. Always detail the product name, color and application description along the side of the face chart.

File your drawings in a binder categorized by style or makeup look. Insert the made-up face into a clear plastic sleeve -- to prevent smudging -- and file it in a binder with a three-hole punch. This allows you to flip to the style you want to recreate.


Add tabs to the edges of the plastic sleeves to locate the looks easily.

Label each face chart with the name and color of the makeup you used.

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