How to Make Your Own Makeup Case

By LeafTV Editor

Makeup cases are one of the most important items that a woman can have in her possession. Every woman needs a way to transport her makeup from place to place. One of the greatest things about a makeup case is that they offer a lot of storage room for many different kinds of makeup. Women in the cosmetic industry know how important it is to keep their equipment organized. However, many makeup cases are very expensive. Still, even if an expensive makeup case is not in your budget, there are many less expensive alternatives that work quite as well. A cheap makeup case can be put together in around 1 hour.

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How To Make Your Own Makeup Case


Use an old tool box for a very tough makeup case. Empty the toolbox of all tools and dirt. Clean the box with a damp rag. Let dry completely. Many tool boxes come already equipped with different compartments and cubby holes. The most important thing to think of when using a tool box is the weight. Eliminate any tray that makes the box too heavy to carry around easily. Line the bottom of the box with contact paper. Place your makeup inside.

Use a fishing tackle box for a light, multi-compartmental makeup case. Make sure that the tackle box has compartments large enough for the makeup to fit. Many tackle boxes have small compartments that are too small for most makeup tools. Make sure the box is clean and dry. Place the makeup inside the tackle box and you're ready to go.

Use a vintage over night case for a fun, old-fashioned makeup case. Many antique stores sell the hard over night cases very inexpensively. These make great makeup cases with a little modification. Clean out the inside and outside of the box with soap and water. Let dry completely. Take the plastic trays and lay them inside the box. If desired, you can take the dividers out of the trays and just use the dividers to separate sections of the case. Place the makeup in the case when finished.

Use an unused sewing basket as a makeup case if there is one lying around the house. Take out all the sewing items. Many sewing boxes have compartments already laid out. Lay the makeup inside the case and shut the lid. You now have a very lightweight, portable makeup case.

Use a metal lunch box for carrying around your makeup when you only need the most important items. Plastic dividers can easily be placed inside the box to create different sections in the box. Placing contact paper on the bottom of the box is also a good idea to facilitate easier cleaning.


  • Almost any hard, small case with a latch of some kind can be used as a makeup case. Use your imagination.