How to Make Your Own Leg Warmers

By W. Nicole Barclay

Leg warmers of today aren't the sports-only socks they were in the 1970s and '80s. Today they allow a wearer an easy way to show some personal style, and by customizing your own leg warmers you can make a big impression, show off your taste, and get creative with fashion.

Make Your Own Leg Warmers

Step 1

Purchase a pair of tube socks. Begin by cutting the feet off with scissors at the point where the sock would have reached the ankle of your foot. Try your leg warmers on to be sure you have trimmed to a proper fit for your legs and desired height.

Step 2

Dye the leg warmers for custom coloring. Changing the color of your leg warmers immediately makes them one-of-a-kind, but you can also use fabric paints and markers to add patterns and images, or even words, to your socks. Try it for sporting events to match your uniform or favorite team.

Step 3

Accessorize your leg warmers by sewing on buttons or other accessories. Making a border at the top or a line down the side are two great ways to change the appearance of your leg warmers in a way that only you imagined.