Keurig single cup brewing machines can be ideal for coffee drinkers. The machines use a pre-measured amount of coffee that come in small sealed cups, called K-Cups. The owner puts a K-Cup into the machine and it brews a single cup of coffee. While the K-Cups are convenient, they are also expensive, and not all coffee varieties are available in K-Cups. Luckily, Keurig offers a way for owners to brew their own coffee using a reusable K-Cup.

Things You'll Need

Open up your Keurig coffee machine as if you were going to put a regular K-Cup into the machine. You should see small tabs around the lip of the K-Cup holder.

Press the tabs and pop the K-Cup holder out of the machine.

Take your Keurig “MY K-Cup” and unscrew the cap. Inside there will be a filter.

Fill the filter with your desired coffee grind. As a general rule, fill the filter up nearly to the top with coffee grounds.

Screw the cap back on and place the “MY K-Cup” into the place where the standard K-Cup holder usually sits.

Close the machine and brew your coffee as you normally would with a standard K-Cup, pressing the “On” button.