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In order to be effective, a collagen facial should help your skin generate more of its own collagen. Although pure liquid collagen can be purchased and put onto the skin, you can also create your very own a collagen facial with proven, natural ingredients.

A great place to start is your very own kitchen, using only avocados and kiwis. Certain avocado sugars, including D-manno-heptulose, boost epidermis collagen and kiwi fruits have one of the highest vitamin C amounts of any fruit, which can boost your natural collagen production (not mention Vitamin E, which is also beneficial for your skin).

Dig out about a tablespoonful of avocado and add to the bowl. Cut the kiwi in half, remove the pulp and add the fruit into the bowl. Mash the two together.

Apply the mixture to clean skin and leave it on for 30 minutes.

Remove the bulk of the collagen facial with a damp cloth, then splash your face with warm water to remove the rest and pat dry.

Repeat this collagen facial regularly. Topical treatments are cumulative and will boost skin collagen over time with regular use.


Do a patch test for allergies and consult your dermatologist.