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Nobody has a perfectly symmetrical body, but with a little cosmetic care, it’s possible to even out your features through the use of makeup. The key is to keep your makeup symmetrical so it changes the appearance of your face. Pulling attention to your symmetrical and attractive features can pull attention away from your less-favored features as well, so use bright colors to amplify the features that work to your advantage.

Apply your eyeliner to both eyes, adding an equal amount to the two. Putting too much on one eye will make it seem smaller than the other eye.

Brush darker eye shadow onto your eye features that are asymmetrical. The dark color makes those parts of the eyes seem smaller, making the asymmetry seem less noticeable.

Run lipstick liner along the lines of your lips on the side you like. Run an identical line over the other side of your lips, pulling it over the skin on your face instead of following the line of your lips. Fill in the outline with lipstick to change the way people perceive the lines of your lips.

Choose your favorite cheekbone. Apply brush along the cheekbone. Underline the cheekbone with a darker color to make it look more pronounced.

Copy the blush coloring on the other side. It will visually alter the appearance of your least favorite cheekbone. The red will make the area look larger and pronounced while the darker color will make the face seem slimmer and sunken in that area, just like the underside of your actual cheekbone.

Examine your chin for natural shading. Make note of the natural shadows so you can even them out on either side.

Create a highlight on the center of your chin just below the lips. Brush on dark concealer onto the side of your chin with the least shadowing. Blend it in to keep it looking like a natural shadow.

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