How to Make Your Face Appear Thinner

By Sarah Vrba

While you're born with your features, there's a world of playful cosmetics, hair and accessories out there that help reshape and redefine. Makeup contouring, strategic tresses and smartly chosen outfits accent your face to appear leaner and thinner, while celebrating your natural features.

Contouring the Canvas

Celebrities know that contouring makes the face appear long and lean on camera, and you can harness this powerful tool, too. Invest in a cream contour shade a couple of hues darker than your normal foundation, as well as a highlighter cream a shade lighter than your complexion.

Apply the contouring shade directly underneath your cheekbones in a diagonal line going toward your ear. Make a fish face to help you find the exact line under your cheekbones. Apply the contouring shade down along the sides of your nose and also at your temples. Finally, apply a little bit of contouring color under your jaw line to create a chiseled face. Highlight the tops of your cheeks, the center of your forehead, down your nose, your cupid's bow and the center of your chin.

Gently blend the contour in with a blending brush or sponge until it sits naturally on your skin. Blend in the highlighter last with a clean blending tool. Highlighting the center of the face lengthens features, while shading the sides of the face and under the cheekbones recedes these areas and gives angular structure to your features.

Luxe and Lean

Jewelry and clothing transform the frame around your face, adding or removing width and dimension. Opt for long, slender earrings that create a vertical frame for your face. Similarly, long tassel necklaces or longer V-shaped chains with small, delicate charms create a lengthened silhouette.

Pair that lengthening jewelry with a V-neck wrap or blouse in a rich jewel tone or black. This neckline continues the vertical silhouette and the single, solid color produces a slimming effect. Avoid boat or round necklines, which emphasize and mimic roundness.

Hair School

Hair is the gilded frame surrounding your facial features. Opt for darker locks around your face, which create depth and contrast. Stylists recommend getting soft, long layers that frame the face and produce an elongated silhouette.

Add volume at the crown of your head by teasing the strands lightly with a wide-tooth comb for added slimming. Keep the strands around your face smoothed straight or in gentle, soft waves. Avoid giant curls, which add excess volume around the face.