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White makeup has been used as a face paint for centuries, including by Japanese Geisha since the 1700s. It's also useful for dressing up as a vampire, clown, zombie or ghost. Rather than go out and buy costume makeup with questionable ingredients, make your own using flour and other food-based ingredients that are likely already in your kitchen. The same white makeup made from flour is also an ideal base for making other colors of face paint.

Dump all of the flour into the bowl, followed by all of the cornstarch. Blend the flour and cornstarch with the spoon.

Drop the white shortening into the bowl and mix until all ingredients become a stiff cream.

Continue mixing the cream while you add the drops of glycerin. Mix until all ingredients are well blended. This makes the cream smooth and greasy.


Add the food coloring of your choice to white makeup for face paint of that color, i.e., white makeup and red food coloring make red makeup.

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