How to Make Vegetarian Black Eyed Peas

By Shamontiel Vaughn

Black eyed peas can be just as delicious without meat as they are with meat if prepared with the correct ingredients.

Black eyed peas

Step 1

Pour one bag of black eyed peas into a pot with enough lukewarm tap water to cover the black eyed peas.

Step 2

Place the pot's top over the peas so they will swell for 1 hour.

Step 3

Add the desired amount of seasoning (pepper, salt, Lawry's seasoning salt, honey, imitation bacon bits, onions, margarine, baking soda) after black eyed peas are swollen.

Step 4

Cook black eyed peas on simmer for 2 hours, and place the top back on the pot.

Step 5

Stick a fork in the black eyed peas to make sure they are soft. If they are cooked fully, they should easily smash in your fingers or on the fork if flattened.