How to Make up a Face Chart

By Tabitha Harwell

Knowing what type of makeup you want to wear can help cut down on preparation time for a casual day out or a big date night. Save your favorite looks by storing different looks on face charts. Professional makeup artists use face charts to record clients' looks so they have a reference sheet to refer to when applying makeup or reordering makeup. Create a look book of your favorite makeup tricks by making your own face charts and storing them in a book for future reference.

Save your makeup look on a face chart.

Step 1

Download a blank face sheet or purchase it from a beauty supply store. The sheets contain the front face of a sketched woman with ample room for eye shadow, blush, lipstick and highlighter. Along one side of the face is an area for notes where you can write in the different names of products on the face and any application tips.

Step 2

Write the name of the foundation and any concealers within the notes sections. There is no need to apply a foundation to the paper. Wash hands thoroughly before applying makeup to face chart.

Step 3

Start with the eye area and using your finger, apply the shadow colors directly to the paper. Wipe your fingers clean in between each shadow application to prevent mixing colors, unless you intend to mix colors. Write the name of each shadow color in the notes sections.

Step 4

Line the eyelids with the liner you prefer. Use the pencil or wand to apply the liner directly to the paper. Write the liner name and any application tips in the notes section.

Step 5

Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks on the paper. Write the name of the blush along the side of the paper in the notes section.

Step 6

Line lips and fill with lipstick. Draw the lip liner directly onto the paper and fill the lips by dabbing the color onto your finger and filling in the area.