Every woman has a drawer overflowing with nylons and tights--maybe some have runs, some don't fit and some are just plain outdated. Instead of tossing your tights, make the most of them by turning them into a brand-new accessory--a headband. Following these easy steps, you can turn your messy drawer into a collection of stylish, practical and inexpensive hair accessories.

Cut the leg off of a pair of tights, cutting in a straight line right at the top of the leg. Cut off the foot and ankle part of the tights so that you have a straight leg of tights, similar to a leg warmer.

Wrap the remaining section of tights around your head and stretch to desired tautness. Cut to that length.

Fold the two ends of the tights together, placing one end just slightly inside the other.

Sew the ends together in a zigzag stitch with a sewing machine, or stitch tightly with needle and thread.

Cut the ribbon so it is a little more than twice the width of the headband.

Turn headband inside out. Apply hot glue to half of the back of the ribbon and press the ribbon to the headband over the seam. Press firmly. Then turn the headband back right side out and do the same on the other side. After the glue sets, the headband is ready to be worn.


  • For thinner headbands, try using children's tights.

    Choose tights in bright colors and patterns.

    Instead of gluing the ribbon, try tying it in a bow.