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Thick thighs and generous calves may be a genetic reality, but what you wear can give the illusion of a slimmer lower body. Clingy fabrics, strappy shoes and long tops are some of the clothes you should avoid. Your thicker legs can appear long and lean with the right fabrics and cuts.

Pants Selection

Cropped pants and capris may flatter your long-legged friends, but will only make thick legs look wider. Boxy-cut crops paired with flats are going to give you an especially wide look. Instead, choose pants that are long and dark -- such as tailored jeans -- and shoes with heels to lengthen the leg. You should also avoid busy patterned slacks, such as those with plaid or floral designs, as these call attention to thick legs.

No Long Tops or Frumpy Fits

Your instinct may be to cover up larger thighs, but you'll only be adding bulk to this region. Skip the shirts that blouse out at your thighs or tops that end right at your thighs, both of which give the appearance of extra width. Instead, choose an A-line skirt or dress so you have a defined waist and the volume of the skirt comes to a stop at or just below the knees. Shirts that end just below your waist paired with long, dark pants give you a longer, leaner look, too.

Go for Flow

Fabrics that drape are preferable to those that cling when your want to keep your legs looking lean. Tight fabric hugs every curve in your lower body, especially those you aren't eager to show off. Airy fabrics that hang smoothly hide any extra bulk. Choose flowing skirts with hems that fall at the smallest portion of your calf, which creates the look of a thinner leg.

Accessory Know-How

Flats and ankle-strapped shoes call attention to thick legs. Instead, choose sleek, plain pumps, preferably in a nude color, to make your legs look longer and slimmer. Dark shoes cut you off at the ankle and make it appear as if your leg is short and squat. Dark pantyhose or tights help slim out thicker legs, but avoid busy prints, which can make your legs appear wider.