By Kayla Lowe

Tea tree oil is derived from the tea tree plant, "Melaleuca alternifolia," which is native to Australia. Tea tree oil is a completely natural substance that is made up of 48 natural compounds. This oil cannot be reproduced; it is solely a product of nature. It is valued for its healing properties and is used to treat infections. It is also used for other purposes, such as hair care and skin care. This oil is derived from the tea tree through a process of steam distillation.

How to Make Tea Tree Oil

Step 1

Put the tea tree leaves in the pot and pour just enough water into the pot to cover them.

Step 2

Place the vegetable steamer into the pot over the leaves and water so that there is now a flat surface covering the watered leaves.

Step 3

Place the measuring cup in the center of the vegetable steamer.

Step 4

Place the lid of the pot on the pot upside down so that the handle is facing down and is centered over the top of the measuring cup.

Step 5

Boil the water on high to steam the leaves. The water will begin to evaporate and condense on the upside-down lid and slide along it to the handle to drip into the glass measuring cup.

Step 6

Place ice cubes on top of the lid to make the steam condense faster.

Step 7

Turn off the burner once all the ice has melted on top of the lid.

Step 8

Remove the lid using the pot holders and pour the melted water from the ice cubes into the sink and lay the lid there as well.

Step 9

Remove the glass measuring cup from the pot using pot holders.

Step 10

Pour the contents of the measuring cup into the separating funnel. Make sure the stopcock at the bottom of the funnel is closed.

Step 11

Close the top of the funnel and shake the contents vigorously.

Step 12

Invert the funnel and open the top to release any pressure.

Step 13

Notice that a clear line will appear in the liquid. The oil will float to the top of the water, separating the two.

Step 14

Center a glass vial under the funnel and press the stopcock to release the water. Pour the oil into a separate vial.

Step 15

Repeat the above steps on the leaves again to obtain more oil. Repeat this process approximately two more times to obtain maximum oil from the tea leaves.