Schizandra berries have been known to Chinese medicine for the past two millenia. The Chinese name for Schizandra is "Wu Wei Zi," which means "Five Flavored Herb" because it is said in traditional Chinese medicine that the berry tastes sour, bitter, sweet, acrid and salty. Schizandra tea is said to help fight fatigue, enhance the immune system, beautify your skin, and increase mental capacity. As with most natural remedies, these claims are not scientifically verified by Western medical research, but have been in existence for many centuries.

Purchase dried Schizandra berries from your local organic food store or health foods store. You will also need to purchase steeping bags.

Place two to three cups of water inside a kettle and bring to a boil.

Place two to three tablespoons of the dried Schizandra berries inside of the steeping bag. There should be one tablespoon of berries for each cup of water that you intend to use. If you want your tea to be stronger, you can use two tablespoons of berries per cup of tea.

Drop the steeping bag containing the berries into the boiling water. Reduce the heat to a low setting and allow the berries to steep for 15 minutes.

Pour yourself a cup of hot Schizandra Berry tea. To add more flavor to your tea, you can add lemon juice or honey. Because the honey is a natural sweetener, you may prefer to use it instead of granulated sugar.