T-shirts are a very comfortable and popular choice for a lot of individuals. You can display your own style and creations on a T-shirt by making your own transfers. The easy to follow steps presented here will guide you through making your very own T-shirt transfers.

Things You'll Need

Match the color of transfer paper to the color of T-shirts you purchase. You have the option of either light or dark transfer paper, so be sure to get enough of the correct one to go along with the color and amount of T-shirts you have.

Wash and dry any T-shirt that you will be using to allow it to shrink prior to applying your transfer.

Open a blank page in your graphics application. Name and save your design, allowing you to keep a copy of it and make changes to it as you go.

Create your own personal design. You can let your imagination go wild and add whatever you like to your T-shirt design. Use actual pictures, clip art, words or symbols and tinker with the options, like framing the design with a pattern, adding or changing colors or whatever suits your taste.

Print your T-shirt transfers. Make sure you follow the directions that come with the T-shirt transfer paper for proper loading of the paper into your printer. Print your T-shirt transfers and allow them to thoroughly dry prior to placing them on your T-shirt.

Follow the instructions that come with your transfers to properly affix your design to the T-shirt.


  • You can use specially-designed applications to make your T-shirt transfers, but you do not have to. Most word processing or picture editing software that comes with computers will work just as well.

  • When you are working with pictures and words, you may have to reverse them before you print them to allow the finished T-shirt transfer to be viewed correctly. It is a good idea to print a “test” copy first (of any design) if you are not sure how it will turn out.