How to Make Spa Treatments for Kids

By Celeigh O'Neil

During the pre-teen years, spa parties and spa treatments are a favorite of young girls. While many purchased products can be too harsh for a child's skin, you can make homemade spa treatments that work well, pamper and create an authentic spa experience for girls of all ages.

Girl (9-11) with hair in towel sitting on bed applying moisturiser
credit: Digital Vision/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Create spa treatment products at home with natural ingredients.

Scrubs and Exfoliants

A simple sugar scrub is an easy, make-at-home spa treat that can be made by adults or children. Simply combine equal amounts of brown sugar and a low-odor oil, like sesame or light olive oil and stir together. Add a small amount of vanilla or a few drops of an essential oil for fragrance if desired. This scrub can be used in the shower or on hands, feet and elbows for a spa party. Scrubs can be transferred into plastic containers and used over a period of several weeks.

Facial Masks and Treatments

Make kid-safe facial masks from ingredients already in your pantry -- think avocado, oats, honey, bananas and yogurt. You can mix up ingredients or set them out for kids to combine on their own, provided there are no allergies. In total, expect approximately 1/4 to 1/2 cup of mask per facial. These should be used right away, and not kept for future use.

Lip Balm Love

To make lip balm, simply combine your favorite oil, like almond or coconut oil, with a small amount of melted, grated beeswax. Plan on 3 parts beeswax to 5 parts oil, plus one part honey. You can add a few drops of essential oil or lip balm flavoring if desired. Pour into tubes or small containers and allow to cool completely. Older children can, with supervision, help make lip balms.

Terrific Tress Treatments

Deep conditioning hair treatments, particularly if combined with a hot-from-the-dryer towel, are an ideal addition to any spa celebration for girls. Opt for slightly warmed coconut oil, with the addition of a few drops of fragrant essential oil. Have children wrap their heads in hot towels after applying the conditioning treatment and let it sit while they enjoy other spa treatments. This will need to be shampooed out at the sink, but you can set up a chair at the sink, padded with towels, for a salon experience.