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This is the most fun and easy way to create unimaginably real-feeling, silicone-like bra inserts. You know, the kind that go for around $30 at department stores. Well you can make comparable knock-offs all by yourself with stuff you’ve probably already got in your home. It’s super easy and it’s a blast to do, so grab a lesser endowed girlfriend and make an arts and crafts night of it.

How to Make Your Own Silicone-like Bra Inserts

First, take a couple of plastic sandwich bags. The size is up to you. If you plan on laying the insert beneath your breast, choose the smaller, skinnier snack bag, rather than the sandwich bag. If you’d rather the insert cover the entire front of your breast, choose a quart size sandwich bag. Not sure? Try both!

Next, fill the bag with hair gel. Any kind, or color will do.

Now, slide the filled bag into a second bag, upside down. The opening of the sealed bag should go inside the empty bag first.

Seal the second bag.

If the idea of gel oozing into your bra scares you, triple bag the insert just to be safe.

If you’ve chosen a snack baggie, put on your bra as usual, but slide the insert in under your bra and watch it make your breast fill out the cup just like a real bra insert would.

If you’ve chosen a larger sandwhich baggie, place it inside your bra, while you’re wearing it. Just pull the cup away from your breast, and place the insert so that it lines the inside of the bra cup and will then cover the breast inside the bra.

If you'd like, decorate the first bag with paint, glitter or stickers, if you're feeling particularly girlie, before placing it inside that second and third protective bag. The inserts can last as long as you'd like as long as you're gentle with them and don't squeeze too hard.

Voila! Now go out and strut your new ones. Spend the money that you saved on a round with the girls!