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Electric shavers save time and money by allowing men and women to trim their own styles at home. Over time, hair builds up inside the shaver’s head and is generally removed with plain water. This method is effective for removing stray hairs, but not any odors that also develop after several uses. Removing the odors effectively is accomplished with a homemade recipe that contains a safe cleaner that will not damage the electric shaver.

Mix one tbsp. white vinegar and 10 tbsp. plain water in a shallow bowl.

Unplug the electric shaver from the wall and dip the shaving head into the mixture. Allow the head of the shaver to remain submerged in the solution for two to three minutes.

Remove the shaver head from the vinegar mixture and clean it with plain water, according to the directions in the shaver’s owners manual.

Repeat the process of deodorizing and cleaning the shaver with the vinegar solution, once every one or two months.