By Katherine Macropoulos

Homemade sausage begins with plain ground pork, and when you add savory spices and fat for flavor, you've made your own versatile sausage meat. Most commercial sausages come stuffed in natural casing. Using natural casing at home can be labor-intensive, and it also requires a special attachment for your grinder. Instead, simply form sausage meat into patties, and fry it until it's brown.


Cut pork into pieces or use pre-ground pork if you choose. Add fat for flavor and juiciness.

Cut pork fat into pieces. Use all the fat attached to the roast, or for leaner cuts, add extra fat purchased from the butcher. Add additional fat to pre-ground pork such as bacon to boost flavor and moisture.

Pass pork and fat through a meat grinder with a coarse blade attached to it into a large bowl, or, if you're using pre-ground pork, simply place it into a large bowl. Use a food processor, or finely chop bacon and add to the pre-ground pork.

Add seasoning; for breakfast sausage, use black pepper, coarse salt, sage and cayenne or red pepper flakes. Add spices such as black pepper, coarse salt, chile powder, minced garlic, oregano, coriander and cumin for a spicier chorizo-style sausage.

Moisten your hands with water. Knead the ground pork, fat and spices until well blended and smooth. Roll the meat into balls and form into patties. Wrap the sausage in plastic wrap. Store sausage meat in the refrigerator for approximately two hours before cooking.