Homemade hamburgers taste delicious when cooked in the pan or on the grill. Although packaged ready-made hamburgers grill or fry easily while remaining intact, homemade hamburgers can crumble during the cooking process, making it difficult to eat them on a hamburger bun. By using the right ingredients, your hamburger mixture will hold together and your burgers will come out of the frying pan or off the grill whole and ready to place on the bun.

Things You'll Need

Choose 80/20 ground beef for making hamburgers. This mixture of 80 percent lean meat and 20 percent fat contains enough fat to help hold the hamburgers together. Ground beef leaner than this is more likely to fall apart as you cook it.

Place the ground beef in a bowl and break it up into chunks with a wooden spoon. Add 1 egg and 1/4 cup bread crumbs for each pound of ground beef, as well as seasonings as desired. Stir the additional ingredients into the ground beef until just mixed.

Form the hamburger patties with your hands. Make the patties 3/4-inch thick and larger than the hamburger buns to accommodate shrinking.

Turn the hamburgers with a spatula large enough to hold the entire hamburger. Avoid pressing the burger down as it cooks; this will maintain juiciness and prevent it from falling apart.


  • Instead of thawing out frozen ground beef to make hamburger patties, form the patties while the meat is fresh, then freeze the ready-made hamburger patties. This helps to avoid hamburgers that crumble and saves time when you make dinner.