Rose oil is a wonderful oil to use on the skin. Rose has astringent properties which act as a skin tonic and it helps to moisturize and hydrate all skin types especially dry, mature and sensitive skin. It can also help reduce skin redness, fight inflammation and help to fix broken capillaries. Not only does it work will on the skin, but it helps to fight depression, mental tension, irritability and stress. It makes a wonderful massage oil and can be used in a bath. Making your own rose oil is easy and a great way to use roses you may have growing in your own yard. Read on to learn how to make rose oil.

Pick a couple handfuls of fresh rose petals free from insects or other impurities. Pick first thing in the morning while they are still soft with dew.

Crush the rose petals gently to help release their natural oils and scent.

Place rose petals in a large jar.

Pour oil over the rose petals just to cover.

Cover the jar with a lid or a piece of muslin cloth and let sit for 24 hours.

Remove the rose petals from the oil after 24 hours and squeeze the petals to remove excess oil back into jar. Discard petals.

Strain the oil in the jar to remove any leftover petals and impurities.

Add freshly crushed rose petals to the jar of oil. Let sit for another 24 hours.

Repeat Steps 1 through 8 about six to seven times until you achieve the rose scent you desire.

After final straining, pour rose scented oil into a decorative jar or container and your oil is ready to use.


  • Try various types of roses for various scents.

  • Experiment with the number of times your repeat the steps above for stronger or lighter scents.

  • You may also warm the oil during the above process by placing the container of oil with rose petals in a pan of hot water. This can help to bring out more scent or aroma from the rose petals.