How to Make Raisins Soft

By Alyssa Ideboen

Raisins, the dehydrated versions of plump grapes, do not have to have a hard and dry texture. Softened raisins can emulate the texture of their previous life; plump, juicy and delicious. Softened raisins work well in cooking and baking recipes and complement dishes that need a smooth texture and a sweet, plummy flavor. Learn the technique to soften a batch of raisins to use in a raisin bread, cinnamon rolls, dessert sauce or any other recipe calling for raisins.

Soften hard raisins to make them more pliable for cooking.


Step 1

Place raisins in a small saucepan.

Step 2

Cover the raisins with water.

Step 3

Bring the water to a boil over medium heat. Turn off the heat, cover and let the raisins stand for 8 to 10 minutes until they are soft.


Step 4

Place raisins in a microwave-safe bowl, cover with water and top with a lid.

Step 5

Microwave on high 30 to 45 seconds until the water is hot.

Step 6

Let the raisins steep in the water for 5 minutes for an alternative way to soften the fruit. Drain the fruit in a colander before using.