corn cob and green leaves on wooden background

All cornmeal is made from dried kernels of field corn. Once it is properly dried it is then ground, either by stone or metallic grinder, to create a flour-like substance. The two principle types of cornmeal are yellow and white. They are substantially similar to one another with a few exceptions. The two work interchangeably in baking.

Yellow Cornmeal

Yellow cornmeal is made from whole yellow corn kernels. According to The Perfect Recipe, it also has a more powerful flavor. Yellow Cornmeal is more utilized than white and it is most popular in the northern United States.

White Cornmeal

White cornmeal is made from a white corn. It also has slightly less vitamin A than yellow cornmeal. White cornmeal is more utilized in the southern United States and may not be as sweet as yellow cornmeal.

Blue Cornmeal

In addition to white and yellow cornmeal, blue cornmeal is a closely related, but different food. Blue Cornmeal typically has a more intense flavor than the other two varieties of cornmeal. Blue cornmeal is cultivated by Native Americans in the Southwestern United States. It is more commonly used in that region of the country, but is less utilized overall.