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Most often used as a salad vegetable, the fiery radish might not jump out as an ideal candidate for juicing, but it produces a bracing, sinus-clearing tonic to kick-start the day. For a sweeter, more palatable alternative, combine with other root vegetables such as carrot and beets, or autumn fruit such as apple.

Fiery Juice

Wash the radishes thoroughly under cold running water to remove any dirt or pesticide residue.

Place the radishes on a chopping board and cut into halves or quarters depending on the size of the juicer aperture.

Pass the radishes 1 by 1 through the juicer. Approximately 10 radishes will be sufficient to yield enough liquid for a single serving.

Pour the collected juice into a glass through a strainer to remove any pulp and serve.

Sweet Version

Wash a selection of radishes, carrots, apple and beets thoroughly under cold running water.

Peel the beets with a vegetable peeler and discard the skin.

Chop the vegetables and fruit with a kitchen knife into batons small enough to pass through the juicer.

Pass the fruit and vegetable segments through the juicer.

Pour the juice into a glass through a strainer to remove foam and pulp and serve.


Add the leaves if buying organic radishes with the greens still intact, taking care to wash away any dirt. Use soon, though, as the greens draw out the nutrients from the root. If storing in the fridge, separate the leaves and wrap in moist kitchen paper.

Include radish sprouts such as daikon shoots. To pass them through the juicer, you may have to wrap in a lettuce leaf, for example, to give them sufficient rigidity.

Choose radishes that feel heavy rather than pulpy and balsa-wood like, as these contain more water.

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