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Sometimes made with pure grain alcohol, the Purple Passion has been given a number of names over the years, although many of those names can't be repeated in polite company. It has a reputation for being made in fraternity (and sorority) house bathtub-sized quantities with heaps of fruit randomly added in an attempt to imitate the appearance of a healthy, sangria-like cocktail. While a standard recipe exists, the only requirement is that the Purple Passion must contain clear alcohol and grape juice.

Homemade Purple Passion Cocktail
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How To Make Purple Passion


Wash and dry a shaker and strainer. Pour the vodka, cranberry juice and triple sec into the shaker.

Add ice to the shaker and shake vigorously. The vodka is clear and will not affect the color; the cranberry juice will add a reddish note to the color of the finished drink.

Pour the grape juice into the shaker. Adding the grape juice after the cranberry juice is mixed with the alcohol will alter the color of the grape juice to a more reddish purple.

Strain the drink into a shot glass.


  • The drink recipe is for a single serving.

    Garnish the Purple Passion with an orange slice.