If you’re looking for a way to spruce up ordinary frying batter, potato chips can add extra flavor to a dull meal. Potato chip batter can be used for a number of different dishes, such -as fried vegetables, seafood and poultry. This recipe is useful whether you are cooking for special guests or just want to make a tasty twist on an ordinary dinner.

Things You'll Need

Collect all ingredients and kitchen utensils. Begin by adding one cup of flour into a big mixing bowl.

Measure out one teaspoon of baking powder and add it to the flour. Add a ½ teaspoon of salt.

Crack one egg into a small bowl. Make sure no shell goes in with the egg. Carefully transfer the egg into the flour, baking powder and salt mixture.

Measure and add one cup of milk into the mixture in the large mixing bowl.

Stir the batter with a hand beater until smooth.

Crush about two handfuls of potato chips to make ¾ cups of potato-chip crumbs. Add the crushed potato chips into the big mixing bowl.

Stir the mixture once again, just enough to evenly incorporate the chips into the batter.


  • Although this is recipe features basic ingredients, additions of different spices, seasonings and sauces can add different flavors to your batter. When frying savory foods, cayenne pepper, worcestershire sauce, garlic seasoning and onion powder are all additions that can add bold flavor.

  • Using different flavors of potato chips can also add extra taste and interest to your savory dishes. You can experiment with using barbecue, sour cream and onion or ranch flavored potato chips.

  • Don’t be afraid to use potato chip batter on sweet treats, like fruit slices. The salty chips and sweet fruit can create a delicious contrasting flavor.

  • When using potato-chip batter to fry sweets, it is best to use non-flavored plain potato chips. Adding drops of vanilla essence and sprinkles of cinnamon or sugar can add interesting flavor when you’re using potato-chip batter to fry sweet foods.