How to Make Perfume Using Flowers

By Danita Fausek

Every woman has her own special scent. Realizing that all perfumes interact with each individual body chemistry is just a part of the battle women wage when trying to find that unique fragrance. With most manufactured perfumes containing chemicals, there has to be a more natural way of finding that specific perfume. There is. Make it yourself from your favorite flowers. While more complex combinations will take experimentation, a simple one tone scent is easy to relatively easy to make. Here's just one way how.

The essence of fresh flowers can make a wonderful perfume.

Step 1

Pick your flowers early in the morning, while the dew is prevalent. Try to get them as close to the time they first open as possible as the flowers will be at their peak at this time. Choosing a flower with a strong scent works best. However, the more subtle fragranced blooms will work as well. You will simply need to complete the process more than once using the same water.

Step 2

Immediately after picking, lightly chop your flowers - you will need about 2 cups. Place them in 4 cups of spring or distilled water that has been poured into a glass bowl. The water should completely cover the flowers. Place a cover on the bowl and let the mixture sit overnight.

Step 3

Strain the water and flowers through the cheesecloth, removing all plant material. If you are using a lightly scented bloom, do step 2 again, using the same water and cutting another batch of fresh flowers. Once you have completed this step, place scented water into stainless steel pot and allow to simmer, reducing to approximately 2 tablespoons of concentrated scent.

Step 4

Place 5 tablespoons of vodka into small dark colored glass bottle. Add the 2 tablespoons of scent to the bottle. Plug in the stopper and then shake gently. Allow to sit for 72 hours before trying. If the scent is too strong, add additional tablespoons of water, one at a time. Mix the water and allow to rest 24 hours before adding additional water.