How to Make No-Calorie Salad Dressing. Mix all ingredients for no-calorie salad dressing, shake well and chill. Use the dressing over a huge tossed salad. It does much to take off extra pounds of flesh!

Get creative. Vinegar is a great base for no-calorie salad dressing. Don't rely on plain vinegar every time. Variety is key. Try brown rice vinegar, apple cider vinegar or ume plum vinegar. Add a splash of one of these vinegars to plain vinegar. These flavored vinegars do contain 2 to 4 calories per tablespoon, but a splash added to plain vinegar will only add a nominal amount of calories.

Add pizazz by varying the spices you choose. Spices such as curry and red pepper add flavor without adding calories.

Dress your salad with a mixture of your favorite spices. Dressing doesn't have to be liquid. Head to the pantry and pick out your favorite spices.

Realize that you will likely make many mistakes before creating your own no-calorie salad dressing recipe. Enjoy experimenting with new combinations of spices and flavored vinegars until you discover your favorite recipe.

Use Stevia if you don't like Splenda in the above recipe.

Purchase a commercially-prepared no-calorie salad dressing if you have trouble creating your own recipe. Mimic the no-calorie salad dressing by using the same ingredients listed on the store-bought dressing.