How to Make Lip Gloss Last Longer

By Lea WhiteFeather

Frustrated by lip gloss that disappears almost as soon as you apply it? Extend the wear of even thin, watery glosses with this trick.


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Step 1

Start with clean, exfoliated lips that are smooth and flake-free. Apply a light, even coat of colorless lip balm. Press lips together to help lip balm absorb into skin.

Step 2

Trace over your natural lip line with a creamy nude lip liner and fill lips in with the same pencil. This creates a blank canvas if you have a specific color to use that you wish to show up in its truest possible shade. You can substitute an invisible or clear lip pencil if color is not your main concern, as long as you give your colored lip products a base to stick to.

Step 3

Dip a sponge-tip applicator for lip products into a lip powder or into a powder pigment that is safe for use on lips. Use the color you want your lips to be. If you are keeping your lips nude, then a nude powder in the intensity that matches your purpose will suffice. Tap away excess before pressing product onto lips, staying within the boundary of your lip line.

Step 4

Dab on clear lip gloss onto the center of both top and bottom lips. Smooth outwards with a lip brush, using your lip shape as a guideline and being careful to not go past your lip line.

Step 5

Clean up any color outside your lip line with a cotton swab. Avoid smacking or rubbing lips together to prevent breaking down your lip product. Your lip gloss should now last considerably longer and even stay on for most of the day, given that eating, drinking or kissing do not interfere. In these cases, touch lips up as necessary.