How to Make Liberty Spikes

By Laura Gee

Although they're not quite as well known as the mohawk, liberty spikes are another classic and dramatic punk rock hairstyle. They are small spikes of hair that stand up all over the head. Liberty spikes can be created with many different lengths of hair, although in general the longer the hair is the more of a challenge styling it will be. On the other hand, long hair also creates more dramatic liberty spikes, so it may be worth the challenge. Since they stand up in all directions, it's pretty hard to make the liberty spike hairstyle last for more than one day. Unless you have quite short hair, it would also be hard to maintain on a daily basis. For special occasions, though, this hairstyle can be lots of fun, and also comes in handy because it doesn't require any special type of cut.

Step 1

Choose your styling agents. You may be able to use a hair gel, especially if your hair is relatively short. If so, try to choose a gel that is marketed for its strong holding power. If you have longer hair or want your style to be especially strong, school glue is the traditional way to go. Make sure it your glue is non-toxic and water soluble. Whether you choose gel or glue, you will also want a strong hair spray for touch ups.

Step 2

Start in the middle of the head and work outwards. If you start near the edges, you may have trouble reaching the middle of your head without damaging the existing spikes. Select the hair from a section of scalp about an inch or so across. Saturate it in gel or glue.

Step 3

Turn the hair dryer on and point it toward the base of the spike with one hand, while using the other hand to work the hair into a point. If the hair is long, get the bottom of the spike to stand up solidly first, then work upwards. If the upper parts of the hair dry before you can get them to stand up, add more gel or glue and keep working.

Step 4

Make more liberty spikes in the same way, continuing to work from the middle of the head toward the edges.

Step 5

Spray well with hair spray and do a final sweep with the hair dryer. Also use the hairspray at this stage to attach any stray hairs to the nearest spike.