How to Make Lace Gloves

By Genae Valecia Hinesman

Gloves were once a mandatory part of every woman's wardrobe. No semi-formal or formal outfit was considered complete without them, and many women would not be seen in public without gloves–or a matching hat. Today, gloves are becoming popular again for everyone from society matrons to gothic enthusiasts. Any material can be used to fashion handmade custom gloves. Stretch lace is very forgiving if you're trying this project for the first time. This method adapts well to making long and short gloves.

Making your own lace gloves may be easier than you think.

Step 1

Place a square yard of stretch lace fabric on a large and flat work surface. Fold the fabric once in half so that the exterior of the fabric is on the inside. Place one hand on the fabric with your fingers and thumb extended and slightly apart. Trace the outline of your hand in chalk from just below one side of your wrist to the other side for short gloves. Or from just past the inside of your elbow or mid-arm to the other side for longer gloves. Make sure to trace 1/2 inch from the surface of your skin.

Step 2

Trace with the opposite hand. Cut through the folded fabric to release the two outlines. You should have four pieces of fabric slightly larger than your hand or arm.

Step 3

Fold the bottom edge of the top piece of fabric up at least 1/4 inch and stitch it in place to create a hem. Do the same with the bottom piece of fabric so that it mirrors the first piece. Repeat this on the other two pieces of fabric.

Step 4

Note: The fabric should still be "wrong side out".

Step 5

Sew along the perimeter of the first double layer of fabric 1/2 inch from the edge. Make the stitches small and neat. Invert the newly sewn glove and put the glove on to check and or adjust the fit.

Step 6

Repeat the sewing for the other double layer of fabric in order to complete the second glove. Use additional fabric to add details or embellishments if desired.